The National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy, Inc. (NABA) is the parent branch and is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit social welfare organization, located just outside of Washington, DC. It is breastfeeding’s primary lobbying arm, is responsible for monitoring policy for its impact on the breastfeeding family, and is the independent voice for breastfeeding at various national and international meetings.  


Since 501(c)3, not-for-profits have limited lobbying opportunities, it is very important that breastfeeding has a consistent voice, without restrictions. NABA speaks for breastfeeding totally and all aspects, where other organizations can only speak pertaining to their particular interests and where breastfeeding fits into their agenda and priorities. The breadth of NABA’s scope is also helpful to other organizations whose work effects breastfeeding, as we can lend support and share information with others who maybe interested in particular issues.

NABA has been working continuously with Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s office, raising their consciousness on breastfeeding issues to help expand it, on wording for proposed legislation, as well as suggesting speakers, testifying at hearings, and most importantly, getting the breastfeeding community involved. NABA works with other Senate and House offices on breastfeeding issues that can be inserted into various pieces of Federal legislation.

NABA is also keeping track of state legislation. This is very important as many issues must be accomplished state by state. NABA stands ready to help people at the state level with wording, action plans, and contacts to help in state efforts. A listing of all state breastfeeding legislation can be found at La Leche League’s website: and at the National Conference for State Legislatures at:


As NABA becomes aware of issues, events, or legislative issues, they will be updated on our home page. You will be directed to more information where you can become involved in time-sensitive items effecting breastfeeding which could be national and/or international in scope.  


One of the important functions of NABA is to connect advocates and other interested parties with:

• information
• appropriate agencies
• legislative processes
• regulations
• organizations
• people 

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