Be a Code monitor, continued

As the IBFAN organization responsible for monitoring the Code in the US, NABA is always on the lookout for Code violations. We need your eyes and ears throughout the country to recognize and report incidences of Code violations. These are used in the US country report on Code progress (or lack thereof) and to help reduce commercial pressures on breastfeeding mothers that encourage them to avoid or abandon breastfeeding. Code monitoring is easy and takes little time.

What is covered under the Code?

All breastmilk substitutes. These are products which are marketed in a way which suggests they should replace breastfeeding, even if the product is not suitable for that purpose. They may include:

  • infant formula
  • follow-on formula
  • baby foods
  • gruels
  • teas and juices
  • feeding bottles
  • nipples and related equipment.

Companies that manufacture or distribute any of these products may not

  • promote their products in hospitals, stores, or to the general public in any manner
  • give free samples to mothers or free or subsidized supplies to hospitals or maternity wards
  • give gifts to health workers or mothers
  • promote their products to health workers: any information provided by companies must contain only scientific and factual matters
  • promote foods or drinks for babies
  • give misleading information
  • there should be no contact between company sales personnel and mothers.
  • baby pictures may not be shown on labels or packaging
  • the labels must not include language which idealizes the use of the product.

When you see a violation, report it to NABA. Send any hard copy materials to
254 Conant Rd
Weston, MA 02493

Send scanned or email violations to

Fax violations to 781-893-8608





Still Selling Out Mothers and Babies: Marketing of Breat Milk Substitutes in the USA
The updated US Country report, published in 2007 for the 25th anniversary of the Code, demonstrates continued Code violations. 68 pages order here